The Sweaty Pets is a three man band consisting of two guitars and a blues harp.

Ron Zenobi - Electric Lead Guitar
David Tice - Blues Harmonica
Bob Rhett - Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Over the years we've gone by many names: Dick's Hat Band, Three Men Walking Abreast, The Bitter Petes, The Three Skins, just to name a few. We never thought the name of the band was all that important. We just want to be in the moment, not sell albums. If the name is important to you let us know what you would like it to be. Maybe we'll change it. For now, The Sweaty Pets has stuck. It seems to be the one people remember.

The name comes from an old George Carlin quote that I first saw written on the bathroom wall at Cumberland's in downtown Charleston when we were playing at a blues jam one Saturday night. The quote is "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things". Upon seeing this scrawled on the stall in the men's bathroom it occurred to me that it would make a good name for a band - The Sweaty Pets. It was just one of many names we used in rotation but like I said, it's the one that stuck.

Our style is based in rock, blues & folk and we have been playing in the Charleston area since 1994. Over the years weíve played many private parties, occasional fund-raisers, and charity events but also several bars and restaurants. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, we enjoy what we do, and we have a great time interacting with the audience.

Some of the places we've played:
Crazy D's - Goose Creek
Hanahan's - Hanahan (closed)
The BP Station - Goose Creek (broadcast worldwide) (closed)
Mad River - Charleston (closed)
Lou's Tavern - Goose Creek (closed)
Kurfurstendamm - Berlin, Germany
Richard's - Mt Pleasant (closed)
Dunleavy's Pub - Sullivan's Island
The Blind Tiger - Charleston
Burn's Alley Neighborhood Bar - Charleston
American Legion Post 136 - Mt Pleasant
KC Mulligan's - North Charleston
Hatchell's American Tapas Tavern - Mt Pleasant (closed)
Mac's Place - Charleston
Triangle Char & Bar - Mt Pleasant
My Father's Moustache - Mt Pleasant
Off the Chain Sandwich Shoppe - Summerville

To book The Sweaty Pets you can email us at